Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've been really into satan lately. I want to do a whole bunch of researched drawings of classic satanic images but done all cartoony. For now here's a quick sketch.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Close examiners/scrutinizers of this blog may notice that some of these sticky note drawings are on a much duller looking yellow paper. These drawings are done on the incontestably inferior “Grand and Toy” brand sticky notes. I suppose it’s no surprise really that the classic name brand “Post-It” brand sticky notes have a much richer, more iconic, cartoony quality than the bullshit Canadian “Grand and Toy” version. I’d imagine however that the luster-free, and subsequently fun-free, “Grand and Toy” version is the cheaper alternative. It’s a shame really that my work -supposedly a fun cartoon making establishment- wouldn’t pay the extra money and exclusively carry bright yellow "Post-It" brand sticky notes; the same as if they were to serve peanut butter and pickles I’d expect them serve "Vlasic" and "Skippy" on account of there being cute squirrel and stork mascots involved. It’s a quality of life issue really. On the subject of "Grand and Toy" brand sticky notes not being very cartoony, I think it’s safe to say that Canada, albeit a perfectly pleasant and safe place to live, is not a very cartoony country. At least relatively speaking, I mean we have our share of outlandish freaks and what-not but as a whole I’d say our boring penchant for politeness and quiet agreeableness discounts us from being very cartoony. This is why I don’t believe it’s ever a wise decision to give one’s cartoon pitches a Canadian back drop. It’s kind of like shooting yourself in the foot. Also, I would argue that the Canadian tendency to put the letter "u" in words such as color and favorite is quite uncartoony too. When cartoons succeed they boil the world down to its most easily understood elements, cartoons are by their very nature anti-intelectual and pro-fun, and thus, pointing your nose in the air in a typically arrogant, Canadian way, throwing the letter "u" in words where it has no place, is categorically uncartoony. In this humble blogger’s opinion anyhow.

Monday, June 02, 2008

galapagos the anti-poverty bird.